CUT-75 75W Low Profile Triple Output  AC-DC Güç Kaynağı  
Genel Özellikler :
Triple (useable as dual) output supply
Compact (3 x 5” footprint)
Low Profile (1.06”)
High Efficiency 85%
Individual output regulation
Cost Efficient Solution
Several mechanical & connector options
The triple output CUT75 has two independent, isolated, converters, one for the main 5V output, and one for the auxiliary outputs. This topology provides several benefits - no minimum loading, enhanced load & line regulation and the ability to connect the auxiliary outputs in series to generate either a 24V or 30V output. Options include models with a cover (/A), baseplate (/B) or terminal block connections (/T).
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Model Adı
Çıkış Gücü
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Data Sheet
5V / 8A
15V / 2.5A
-15V / 1A
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5V / 8A
12V / 3A
-12V / 1A
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