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LED Lighting
Up to 90% energy saving,
5 times longer life!
LED Benefits

Long Life, Low cost
No side effects environmentally
Economic, High energy saving
1/10 Low consumption versus standart illumination
50.000 Hours lifetime
Durable against electrical and mechanical shocks
Health Safety; No lead, No mercury
Fire safety
Efficient illumination
No maintenance
Low temperature, Low light pollution
No electromagnetic effect
Water resistant
Single and multi color
High compatibility with digital ambience
High density, high contrast and brightness
Distinctive and consistent colors light source
Low power consumption and heat distribution
Easy montage, weightless and compact
Multipurpose Armature Design
Effective cooling system
Maximum 39C internal heating
OSRAM Power LED&Lens
TDK-Lambda Switch Mode
Flexible cleat for multipurpose montage
Power cable isolated by spiral pipe
Strengthened poly carbonate glass
Full waterproof, operating under the water or the pools
Eloxal metal coated body against all types of external
conditions; aesthetic outlook
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