Yeni Ürünler
TPS Serisi 3000-3200W 3 Faz Girişli Endüstriyel AC-DC Güç Kaynakları
Genel Özellikler :
400/440/480 VAC (Nominal) 3 Phase Delta or Wye
Voltage and Current Programming
Fully Regulated, Wide Range Adjustable Output 
-40°C (start up) to +70°C operation
PMBus Communication
>92% Efficiency
Built in ORing FETs & Active I share for parallel operation

24V ve 48VDC çıkış

iJC Serisi DC-DC Konvertör (100A Non-isolated SMT POL with PMBusTM)
Genel Özellikler :
Only 1.5 in2 Board Space
PMBus™ Compliant (Read & Write)
Surface Mountable
Digital Adaptive Control
Parallel Operation with Current Sharing
QM Serisi 1200-1500W Moduler AC-DC Güç Kaynağı
Genel Özellikler :
Full medical isolation (MoPP) 
Low speed, low audible noise fan 
Up to 16 outputs
Industry Leading 
7 Year Warranty
EVS Serisi 300-600W Akım sınırlamalı (Constant Current) AC-DC güç kaynakları (Akü Şarj)
Genel Özellikler :
300W Convection cooled and 600W fan model 
Suitable for battery charging
CC (constant current) mode
CV (constant voltage) mode
Supports charging of 12, 24 and 48V batteries
Provides high reliability for battery charger and electrical storage system
18, 36 ve 57VDC çıkış
Quick recharge, avoid battery overcharging
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