EVS-RP 20A Reverse Current Protection Module

Suitable for backflow prevention circuits which prevent the current from electrical energy storage systems when the output power of power supplies is turned off.
Low loss: Due to using MOS-FET, 72% reduction of forward voltage comparing with schottky-barrier diode.
Low heat: Less heat as compared to the diode.
Available to use as the diode when power supplies are parallel operation.
Input 7 to 60 VDC
Convection cooled
Maximum input current 20A
Provides Reverse Current Protection
Low Voltage Drop ORIng FET
Compact Size
Open Frame or L Bracket Construction
Parallel Operation Maximum 2 units, no current sharing function
Uygulama Alanları

TDK-Lambda has now developed the backflow prevention module (EVS-RP) for EVS series of constant current power supplies with simple function set, suitable for charging electrical energy storage systems. Shipments for this backflow prevention module product called “EVS-RP” are started from November 24, 2015.

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Open Frame Construction
L Bracket Construction


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