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Suitable for backflow prevention circuits which prevent the current from electrical energy storage systems when the output power of power supplies is turned off.
Low loss: Due to using MOS-FET, 72% reduction of forward voltage comparing with schottky-barrier diode.
Low heat: Less heat as compared to the diode.
Available to use as the diode when power supplies are parallel operation.
Input 7 to 60 VDC
Convection cooled
Maximum input current 20A
TDK-Lambda has now developed the backflow prevention module (EVS-RP) for EVS series of constant current power supplies with simple function set, suitable for charging electrical energy storage systems. Shipments for this backflow prevention module product called “EVS-RP” are started from November 24, 2015.
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Input voltage range
7 to 60 VDC
Maximum input current
Maximum reverse current
50 µA
Maximum inside loss
4 W
Convection cooling
Size(W × H × D)
50 × 26 × 77.5
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