CPFE-1000FI Serisi 720-1000W Doğal Soğutmalı (Conduction Cooled) AC-DC Güç Kaynağı  
Genel Özellikler :
Smaller size than CPFE1000F
Baseplate cooled, no fan required
Protective coating option
I2C Interface
Input 90 to 265VAC, 47-63Hz
High Efficiency
Class B Conducted
Low Leakage Medical Versions
The baseplate cooled CPFE1000FI applications include harsh environments where cooling fans are not permitted. They are ideal for users who require a fully compliant power supply, but do not have the time or resources to develop a custom power-module based solution. Three compact package types are available – a low profile U-channel with or without a cover and as an open-frame PCB assembly. A standard I2C interface allows engineers to interrogate and monitor the product in remote applications.
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12V / 60A
Open Frame
28V / 36A
Open Frame
48V / 21A
Open Frame
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